Hi Sally:(non-registered)
It was a pleasure meeting you and looking at your photos at the Mandarin Craft Show yesterday. So many spectacular shots captured. I noticed you had several note cards, however could not find ones with flower pots, bricks or ferns. Do you sell boxed note cards with the Italy or France photos on them? I would love to purchase a couple of boxes. Please advise if available and the cost. Absolutely loved your photos. certainly brought me back to a trip to Italy and Paris a few years ago. Kudos for the great work.
Marilyn Jensen email at [email protected]
Susan Delaney(non-registered)
Beautiful work!
Joan Ostrer(non-registered)
I recently saw your exhibit at Vicar's Landing where my parents live. I was inspired by the beauty of Provence and how your artwork captured the light and color of the region. Looking forward to my next visit when hopefully I can see you at an outdoor art show. Please add me to your mailing list of upcoming events.
I love your work!

I love them, Sally !
Magnifique! I love your new "Impressions" gallery - please keep it up!
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