Pepper Run Studio: Blog en-us (C) Pepper Run Studio (Pepper Run Studio) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:27:00 GMT Pepper Run Studio: Blog 120 80 Impressions of Provence - June 21 - July 22, 2016 Thanks to St. Johns Cultural Council and The Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra for inviting me to exhibit my Impressions of Provence collection in the Art in Public Places Program.  Jorge Rivera of first was there to record the opening

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Celebrate 2016 - Juried Artist Member Exhibition at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Provence Market, which I highlighted in my last post.  A Shady Spot, below, is the other photo of mine exhibited.

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Impressions of Provence "Impressions of Provence"  where I slightly manipulated the photos to give a painterly look.  Here is a favorite from that show - Provence Market!  I was so excited to win a first place award for this photo in a "Best of 2015" competition with members of my photography group.

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Beaches Art Fest! On Saturday, October 3, I will be setting up my tent for an art festival in Jacksonville Beach. This is the Beaches Art Fest, and it is the second year for this show.  It is a wonderful one day show, with about 70 artists participating!  The organizer of the show, Jolyn Johnson, is a pro!  My tent will be directly in front of the Beaches History Museum -- so hope you will be able to come out and say Hello!

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Spring Into Summer! I hope you all have a wonderful summer!

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Outdoor and Indoor Art Shows

Outdoor Show:
A few days ago, I set up my tent for a juried outdoor art show, Arts in the Park! 2015.  Everyone involved with the show had been checking on the weather - which is important for an outdoor show!  The day dawned - bright and sunny - and at 7:30, I joined other artists in setting up my tent at the beautiful Johansen Park.  The show started at 10 am with lots of visitors -  and they kept coming until about 2 PM, when the rain started!  The rain started slowly, but then we all received the news that there were bad storms on the way. So, we were told that it would be a good idea to start packing up.  A lot of artists packed up in a hurry and left.  It seems to take me longer than most to organize my photographs, protect them from the weather, and then pack them up.  So we zipped all the sides of the tent closed, and proceeded to wait out the storm.  We were fortunate that we were not blown away or really flooded!  During lulls in the storms, we packed up.  As we drove away, we noticed how wet and soggy the park had become.  My spot at the corner had been a great one - it was higher than most of the spots in the park.

Indoor Show:
One of the groups I belong to is the Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts.  Several times a year there will be a juried show and members may submit two or three pieces of their work to be juried.  Recently, I submitted two of my photographs for their juried Spring show.  I was happy to find out that both of my photos were accepted - and even better, this one, Lavender Cart, won a second place award!  This show is continuing until May 7.  It is being held at Egret Hall at Cypress Village, near the Mayo Clinic.]]> (Pepper Run Studio) Arts in the Park indoor shows Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts Johansen Park lavender cart outdoor shows painterly look Sault Tue, 28 Apr 2015 08:38:00 GMT
Having Fun With My Photos I have been having a lot of fun with my photos!  I always have fun taking photos, but I have never spent much time playing around with them - or using any special effects.  To me, trying to get the different effects that I was thinking about - and could see in my mind - involved countless hours trying to get that same effect using PhotoShop.  I took a class from a graphic artist/designer, who helped me "simplify" exactly what I was trying to do.  She helped me have "fun" working with my photos!  These three photos were taken in the South of France and are in the "Local Exposure" Show at Gallery 725.  A friend of mine calls this look the "painterly" look.

This Fashion Wall was taken in Eze.

This Almost Empty Wall was taken in Riez.

This Graffiti Wall was taken in Cotignac.

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Swimming Hole Another of my other photographs at the Cultural Center in Ponte Vedra is a photo I took last July when I was in France.  I was spending some time in the south of France, and one of my favorite places to visit is the small town of Cassis, which is on the Mediterranean Sea.  There are limestone cliffs, called Calanques, that go straight into the Mediterranean Sea there.  It is always fun to take a boat ride around to see these Calanques from the sea.  So, I had a great boat ride around three Calanques - a ride that lasted about an hour and a half!  Many visitors to the Calanques take small boat rides, or hike the trails, to be able to go swimming in the water of these Calanques.

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Many Steps It is exciting to be a part of the Artist Member Exhibition at the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra.  This is a juried show called "Celebrate Art 2015" beginning Friday, January 9 and running until February 1.  One of my photos in the show is "Many Steps" - taken as I was walking on the Great Wall in China.

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A Walk on the Great Wall I couldn't take a trip to China without visiting the Great Wall.  There are a couple of sites close to Beijing where one can go to the Great Wall.  I went to the Mutianyu site, about an hour and a half outside of the city.  This section of the Great Wall was first built in the 6th century and has been restored and rebuilt throughout history.  I took a cable car up to the highest part of the restored section where the views and scenery were wonderful!

There was so much to take in - not only scenery around the Great Wall, but also on the Great Wall!  For the most part, there were not many people on this section of the Wall, but it was fun to see some people with colorful kites running up and down and also see those walking slowly and posing, wearing special outfits.

After about two and a half or three hours of walking up and down the Wall and going through several towers, I took a ski lift down.  What a wonderful experience it was!

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A New Gallery Show It has been a long time since I have updated this blog.  I have been doing a lot of work in the studio getting ready for some spring art festivals.  Also, I have been busy working on photos for several juried shows - January to May, 2014.

Here are two photos of mine that are in the Jacksonville Coalition for the Visual Arts, Juried Spring Show, at The Cultural Center in Ponte Vedra.  This show opened on Friday, April 11, and will go until May 9.

This shot of a vineyard was taken in the south of France.  It certainly reminds me of a lazy afternoon in the summer.

This shot of "a walk for remembrance" is from a cemetery in Paris.  Most people walking along this tree-lined lane had a lot to think about.

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A few More Photos from Strasbourg Strasbourg is a very walkable city and we certainly enjoyed walking and looking at all the interesting sights.  The architecture in Strasbourg is very different from what we usually see in the south of France, it seems to be more typically German.  

The Ill River flows around Strasbourg, much like some cities have roads circling around to create a center city.  There are sightseeing boats - however, that was not on our agenda this time - maybe when it is warmer in the summer?

Here is a photo that shows a lock for the river. (Look on left side, just below center to see.)

The Cathedral Notre-Dame is an example of Gothic architecture and has a tower with an outside clock.  

There is also another clock, an astronomical clock which is located inside the Cathedral.    This clock is beautiful - it dates from 1843.

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Noël in Strasbourg Strasbourg was very festive in December.  Not only had the Christmas markets been up since November, but there were decorations all around the city.  We noticed the lights hanging over the streets first of all.  One section of the city had these beautiful chandeliers hung inside huge lanterns.  Not all the chandeliers were exactly alike, but all so beautiful!

One of the huge squares that was set up with Christmas markets, also had the normal fruit and vegetable markets, as well.  And in this square, there was a tall Christmas tree, too!  The tree was decorated all over with lights, and other decorations, and at the foot of the tree, there was a wonderful little village, all decorated as well.  

Here are some other decorations we saw as we wandered the streets, mostly sticking to the older, narrow streets without car traffic: a tree that looked like it was coming out of the side of a building, although, upon further inspection one could see the trunk of the tree hiding behind the restaurant sign,

and some very decorated storefronts, this one was typical.

My favorite, however, was this one:  I loved the decoration above the door - especially the angel.  And, even better, this one had delicious spice bread and cookies!

It was a real treat for us to be in Strasbourg during Noël!

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Le Marché de Noël What an interesting visit to the Alsace area of France!  We stayed in Strasbourg for a three day trip to this area.  It seemed very cold to us, but not bad at all compared to what people in most of the U.S. are experiencing right now!

The markets are located throughout the city of Strasbourg.  The city is wonderful in that it is very easy to navigate and we enjoyed walking all over.  This is the entrance to one of the markets.

One is able to find almost anything desired in these markets!  Decorations and ornaments of all shapes and sizes are sold, as well as, all kinds of wonderful food!

The most interesting is the hot spiced wine!  It is not only a special treat, but it certainly helps to keep your fingers warm!

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October Fun! It was nice to spend a long weekend up on Beech Mountain, NC.  The weather was foggy at first, but turned out to be a beautiful fall weekend!  And the trees on the mountains were spectacular!  The colors were at their peak at the top of the mountain - down on the lower elevations they hadn't changed from green, yet.  It was perfect weather for art shows, country fairs, and pumpkins!

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Le Tour de France 2013 I saw a sign about the Tour de France bike race - which would be coming through Aix-en-Provence. It seemed like a fun way to start the 4th of July!  So I decided to go out to watch! The Caravan takes place about 2 hours before the riders come by and lasts for about 30 minutes.

The Caravan is an exciting part of the Tour.  There are lots of cars, trucks, and other vehicles all decorated by the sponsors of the Tour - and along with all that - music, horns honking, and lots of yelling on loud speakers!

 Besides spraying water on the people watching the Caravan parade, there were lots of promotional items thrown out - candy, hats, stickers - all sorts of goodies!

This is the Boutique on wheels - the shop for all Tour items, such as your very own yellow jersey!

Stage 6 of the race began in Aix-en-Provence.  Here is the car leading the riders as they start.  See the "DEPART" flag.

The riders go by so fast - maybe 28mph - that this part is over in a minute or so!

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Art....In the Rain Well, this past weekend was a first for me - to do a fine arts festival in the middle of a Northeaster!  We were able to set up the tent on Friday before the rain came - which was great!  Then there was rain Friday night and Saturday morning - and it was cold, too.  (Well, cold by Florida standards since we had already had lots of hot weather!)  The wind came, and also many neighbors of the beautiful Boone Park in Avondale came by.  Sunday morning dawned a bit brighter and warmer - and the sun came out!  And with the sun, many more people from the area came out to enjoy the beautiful setting with all the exciting art throughout the park!  I had a nice time talking to lots of wonderful people!

This Saturday I will be at Arts in the Park - in Johansen Park on Seminole Road, Atlantic Beach.  This is always a super show - only one day (Saturday) 10 - 6.

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Two weeks ago I set up my tent at the Mandarin Art Festival!  This fine arts show is located on the beautiful tree-lined grounds of the Mandarin Community Club - close to the St. John’s River.  It was a beautiful - and hot weekend!  Everyone connected with the festival was wonderful, and so were all the other artists that I met.  We did set-up on Friday afternoon and take-down on Sunday after the last customer left at 5PM.

Yesterday, there was an Art League of Jacksonville art show connected with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Matthews bridge in Jacksonville.  The art show and activities took place at the Norman Studio complex in the Arlington area. The Norman Studios was founded in 1920, when silent films were produced, and is the last surviving studio complex left from that era. The art show was held in what had been the prop storage building!  It was a very interesting venue and so nice to meet wonderful people!

Next weekend I will be showing my photography at the Jacksonville Fine Arts Show at Boone Park, in Avondale.

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Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens In October 2012, I went to my first meeting of the Beaches Photography Club.  It was very nice to be with others who like photography!  It didn't take me long to figure out that there were many professionals in that group - and also, many who just liked taking photos!  I have been able to go on two outings, so far, with the members of this group.  It has been great fun, and at the same time, a learning experience.  Last month, I wrote about a visit to the Guana River Preserve, which is a place I had never before visited, although it is close to home.  This next outing was to another place I had never been to, also close to home, but in a different direction.  Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens was a wonderful place to visit!  We wandered around the trails and the lake.  We saw some flowering cherry trees, some ferns that were uncurling, and a plant that certainly looked like a dandelion variety!  I used my macro Nikkor lens for the first time in quite awhile.  I found that, in some cases, I was trying to get too close to the flowers and plants that I wanted to photograph.  This lens also works very well for some of the woodlands scenery.  I'm glad that I was practicing with this lens again.  I went back a couple of days later and took some more shots.  It was interesting that some of my favorite "tiny" things had changed in the course of two days and there were new "tiny" things to see - nature is always changing!

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Guana River State Park Members of the Beaches Photography Club went on an outing a week ago.  We went to the Guana River State Park and Preserve and spent the afternoon taking photos.  I had never been there before - and what an interesting place it was!  We hiked (or moseyed) along a trail that was about 1 and 1/2 miles long - snapping photos along the way.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  The sun was out, there was a slight breeze, and there were so many interesting looking trees and vines and lichen.  We didn't see much in the way of wildlife.  However, there were many "no-see-ums" that seemed to attack when there was no breeze.  We stayed until sunset and took more photos and then we almost had to jog to get out of the trail area before it got too dark.  I was glad I had a flashlight with me!  This is a great place to come back to and spend more time on the trails.  There is a lot to explore - and a lot to photograph!

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Lights and Sounds of Christmas in Jacksonville Before going to The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens last Tuesday, I went to Friendship Park in Jacksonville.  There is a pretty fountain there in which the music and lights are programmed with the water to make a gorgeous display!  This fountain is close to the Main Street bridge, otherwise known to me as the blue bridge, which was even bluer with its lights!

I walked part way up to the top of the bridge, which was easy to do and very popular with joggers!  It is a drawbridge and before I got to the top, traffic was halted and crossing bars went down so the bridge could open for a sailboat.  I didn't complete my walk up to the top of the bridge and down to the other side to the Jacksonville Landing, but I had a great view of the Landing from my position on the bridge.

The lights back at Friendship Park and Fountain seemed to be even more spectacular, since the sun had set.

After taking more photos, and wishing that I had brought a tripod to take the evening shots, I went to The Cummer which had two great exhibits going on.  One was a photographic study of people and customs in Africa that was just about ready to leave the museum.  The other was the first night of a special exhibit of paintings about Florida.

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Signs of the Holiday Season! As I have been driving and wandering recently, I have noticed many signs of the coming holiday season.  I was amazed to see not only one, but two and sometimes three cut Christmas trees on car tops during the days after Thanksgiving, in North Carolina!  In that area of North Carolina, the most north-western part, Christmas tree farms are big business.  Just from the many cars with trees that I saw in a couple of days, I can see why!  We didn't bring one back from NC with us - I just wasn't sure what a tree would be like after riding for 10 hours down a highway on top of a car.  There are plenty of tents set up here with trees that have come from many places north of here.  One is from the same area where we were at Thanksgiving.  I haven't been there yet to get a tree, but I know that I will get my tree there as I have done in previous seasons.  
The city of Atlantic Beach has transformed the entire area near the beach with the holiday decorations they have put up.  Here are a few pictures.  Lifeguard chairs and surf boards make all the decorations more interesting!

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Working on a Poster! Every now and then I like to work on a poster - putting together some of my photos that seem to go together.  A couple of years ago I did one showing photos of various market scenes in Aix-en-Provence.  It was one of the first ones I worked on - and my son helped me finish the final steps in Photoshop Elements to make sure I could print the poster the way I wanted to print it.  I like to use my HP wide format printer with 13 x 19 photo paper to print the poster.  Recently, I've been taking a class in Photoshop Elements at UNF, hoping I could learn more about this program myself!  The other day, I put some of my butterfly photos together to make a poster.  I decided to use photos showing nine different types of butterflies and identify them with their names below their photos.  Here is a small version of what I have been working on!

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Fall Festival time! Several weeks ago I went to North Carolina to go to two festivals, not to show my photography, but to enjoy the work of other artists.  Both festivals were held near each other, but both were different.  I like to go to Valle Crucis on Saturday - actually, it is only held on Saturday!  The first stop is always to get some apple butter that has been made by church members using all the different varieties of local apples that are grown around there.  It is delicious apple butter!  Sometimes the number of jars that one is allowed to purchase is rationed....this year there was no rationing - it must have been a good year for apples.  And our kids always ask for us to get them a jar.  The apple butter immediately goes to the car so it doesn't have to be carried around.  Next stop is for kettle corn....then I can begin to relax and really look at all the displays.  It is nice to see some of the same artists year after year and see what they have been working on.  I always take my camera with me because the festival is held in a valley with the most beautiful trees surrounding it!

The next day is the Woolly Worm is a two day festival.  The kids and grandkids  have practiced racing their woolly bear caterpillars up a string to get ready for the races at the festival.  None of us ever win at the festival, but it is so much fun trying!!  Then we wander for awhile and get something warm to eat.  The most important stop at this festival (well, other than racing the caterpillars) is to get a bag or two of local apples.  These are the most wonderful apples - so tasty!  And we have learned not to leave them outside on the deck of the cabin if we don't want to share them with the raccoons!

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A Very Interesting Garden Spider! For the past several weeks I have been watching a spider that has spun a web on the outside of one of my windows.  I might not have noticed this spider if it had been on any other window, but this is a window I love to look out of.  And, once I noticed it, I made sure I watched it as much as I could.  Most of the time, it didn't even seem to move.  So, I started taking photos of it.  Then it began moving -- and one day it wasn't at this window any more, but I did spy it, with a new web, down next to the garage.  This spider is called a black and yellow argiope - a garden spider that is also called the writing spider.  What makes this so interesting to me is the web that it spins.  The web has the most amazing zigzag pattern!

I discovered that although these spiders look scary, they are harmless to humans - they like to eat insects!

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More Boats! Here are a few more boat photos from my time in France this past summer.  I am always fascinated by the boats which are tied up along the Seine.  I'm thinking about the ones that seem to be like house boats with the most interesting items on them.  Of course, I love to see the beautiful flowers and bushes in pots, but this is the first time I remember seeing a car on one of the boats!

In Cassis, I saw these unusual boats, that I had seen only one other time in the south of France.  These are used in water jousting tournaments held throughout the summer in many cities along the coast.  The jousters are dressed in white and take turns being the one at the top of the board that hangs over the water.  With a shield in one hand and a wooden lance in the other, the jouster on one boat tries to send the jouster on the other boat into the water - all this with loud music and lots of cheering going on!

Here are a few shots of more typical looking boats in Cassis.  The photo with the vignetting was taken with my Kenko 180° fish eye auxiliary lens, which is a lot of fun to use!

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